the view can be different from here

…and I like the view

Ninety, one hundred and eighty. Degrees of angles. Degrees of angles we normally train in. Squats, bench presses, pushups. Most times when we do these exercises we do them at a square angle to the ground. We do our exercises this way because we need gravity to provide the needed resistance. So what’s the issue? Doing the same thing over and over, the same way. Repetition.


Over time our bodies will adapt to a load being applied at the same angle relative to the muscles that are being worked. As our muscles adapt the less they respond to the load and the lessening of the benefits  we get from working out are realized.

Another benefit of incorporating angles into our workouts is it can target different areas of the muscles being worked. Also, it can help to maintain strict form when working out, preventing us from cheating an exercise.

How to

Lets look at the bench press or the pushup. Most times when doing this exercise our body is mostly parallel to the ground albeit on a bench when doing bench presses or the slight angle we realize when doing pushups. What if we raised our feet when doing pushups, or elevated the back part of the bench that supports our upper body when doing bench presses? This now changes the load from being distributed to the middle of our chest to more of the upper area of our chest. This also changes up what our muscles have been used to. I guarantee if you have been doing either of these exercises in the traditional sense and change it to incorporating this angle you will feel the difference. Now do the same but use a decline. With respect to bench presses, you will need a decline bench. For pushups, you can do your pushups by having your hands on a bench, couch, or anything that is about 12 to 16 inches above the ground, keeping your toes on the ground. Be sure that whatever you are using that it is stable and safe.

The same principle can be applied when carrying out dumbbell chest flies. Doing this exercise on an incline or decline angle will put the load onto the upper and lower chest area respectively.

Using an incline bench you can apply the same principle to when you do dumbbell bicep curls. With your back against the inclined bench, let your arms hang down, holding the dumbbells. Having your body at this angle, no longer parallel with your arms will make it almost impossible to cheat when doing dumbbell curls. If you try this, you will notice that the amount of weight you use will probably be less than when doing dumbbell curls the traditional way.

The traditional lat pull down, pulling down the horizontal bar directly from above you can also be modified to incorporate a new angle. If you pull down having your upper body on an 80 degree angle you will still be hitting the lats but you will also target more of upper/middle back area, similar to a seated cable row. Be careful doing this one that you don’t end up swinging the body because of the load being too high. This is not what you want to do, and could lead to injury.

Not everything

Not all exercises can be done this way, especially when exercising safely. These are just a few options to help you keep realizing the benefits from resistance training, another way to ‘shock’ the muscles.

It’s beneficial to you to incorporate different things in your workout routine. Altimately you are the one that benefits, the one that grows.

Yours in health,



Author: darryl bennett

A certified Canfitpro personal trainer specialist, and a Yondan (4th Degree) black belt in Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan karate, training at Ferraro Karate under Sensei Stephen Ferraro. Also holding a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from ECornell University. Fitness and health have been a big part of my life, and always will be.

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  73. Ne kertakäyttömukit on usein paljon kestävämpiä, kuin lasiset… Kun vaan säästää ne jossain pahvilaatikossa, et ei naarmutu. Meillä päällystetään vanhoilla seinäkalentereilla laatikoita, nurkat teipataan leveällä kirkkaalla pakkausteipillä, niin nekin kestää kauan reissuissa:-)Laitan linkkiin sen, mitä nyt harmittelen, kun ei voi syödä ruokaa, jota ostin: siinä on HIIVAUUTETTA. Kuinka moni huomaa ostaneensa pakastekastiketta vihannespussissa? Ällöttävää kusetusta… luki se siinä, joo, hirveen pienellä, mut en osta enää IKINÄ:-(

  74. I can feel your pain on this one. I took about 20 photos for my Fruit Curd Mania post and finally settled on a photo that doesn't begin to show the consistency of it. After I finished the post, I thought about putting it in jam jars which, duh, is how I stored it in the fridge! Maybe an old jar lying around with a spoon in it to show the consistency?

  75. O engraçado é que na época da ditadura não tinham leis proibindo criticar este ou aquele grupo.Hoje há proibição pra tudo….Aí eu pergunto; como pode na ditadura se ter mais liberdade de expressão do que nos tempos atuais que se denomina a época mais “DEMOCRÁTICA” da nossa história??PS: será que meu comentário vai ser publicado ou vai ser censurado??

  76. Totally depends on where you team is as far as depth! If you are rebuilding and have little shot at the title….go for the younger guy, if you are a player or two away….then you may want to take the chance but each roster/situation/competition is different so I am not sure there is a definite answer when it comes to upside vs safety! It all depends on you roster and your competition!VA:F [1.9.21_1169](from 0 votes)

  77. the “Faithful Budget” would not cut spending. Its basic premise is “reasonable revenue for responsible programs,” – a phrase Campbell had the crowd repeat three times, a technique her teacher friends say is a good way to get people to remember a concept.”OK kids, repeat after me: “Gyro, gyras, gyrat, gyramus, gyratis, gyrant” – repetitio est mater studiorum.

  78. Regarding the charge of heresy, the SSPX would simply state the following: is a position heretical if it follows catholic dogma held by all previous (to VII) popes, the church doctors and all the saints? Fr. Z, your post seems to imply that you agree with the charge of heresy with regard to the SSPX. Can you be specific? No worries on the progressives, they are protestants…are the SSPX?Thanks,Ono

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  93. There’s nothing wrong with Florida recruits. They’re great! Folks are raising some eyebrows because it was MOLNAR who made the impassioned speech claiming he wasn’t interested in those “soft” Florida kids who are going to get all chilly up here come November. THAT’s the reference.

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  96. That’s a very interesting post. Me being me, I’ll speculate without researching that the cycle from boom to bust is a necessary and salutary one. I remember all the jokes that used to be made at Cleveland’s expense in the 70s and 80s when the city started acting like a new city, inviting and cheap and pursuing investment. I don’t know what city people make jokes about now, but it isn’t Cleveland.

  97. Another, more plausible theory: DSK was a regular guest, and routinely behaved like an asshole. I can very well imagine dancing for joy at the thought of an asshole going to jail. For more likely than the claim that it was part of a setup.

  98. I think rent is the real kicker, when you consider that landlords are often charging around £80 a week per room before bills etc. I worked part time all through my second and third years at uni and still wound up with a £1,000 overdraft debt by the end! A lot of people rely on parents but if you don’t have that luxury it can be quite hard.

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  110. And thus we come to the crux of what is wrong with all these “recovery” programs that have no real structure, no licensed therapists, and (most importantly) no end date.All they seem to do is trade one obsession for another.

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