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Every 18 months the amount of transistors that could be put onto a computer’s processor would double. Basically that would mean that every 18 months computers performance would double. This has been the case for years.

Along with the increase in speed came the decrease in size, technology getting smaller. Smart phones have been coming with quad core processors for a while now. Recently at CES Intel showcased a system on a chip the size of a shirt button. The device will be used to power wearables along with other devices that need to be on. Computers in a sense are getting smaller and smaller and will continue to do so.

By now you are probably wondering what this has to do with fitness. Or you are thinking that I have totally forgotten that I am supposed to be writing a fitness blog. I’m ok, so don’t worry.

What it is

Just like we have smart phones, smart watches, etc., technology has made its way into the fitness world. Technology has already been there in the sense of heart rate monitors, timers, applications that run on your smart phone to track your runs, etc. But we are getting into a new area where performance feedback will be at your fingertips capturing important metrics, and in some cases capturing these metrics all day.

Clothing embedded with sensors analyzing your body’s metrics, fitness bands that monitor your activity level, and monitor your sleep. Socks that track your run. These devices are getting smaller and less obtrusive to wear. It’s coming to the point that all you need to do is put on a shirt and your vitals are monitored.

The new

Fitness bands. From monitoring heart rate, activity level, to sleep patterns. Personally, I think everyone would benefit from a heart rate monitor, at the least to prevent over training. Heart rate monitors are vital if you are serious about building your cardio or if you compete. It’s an easy way to know you are working at the intensity you need to. If you knew that your performance would increase by 10% in the same amount of time, or your recovery time would be less if you used one, would you? Another benefit of a fitness band is some of them will let you compete with others. You can share your results using social media, or you can compete against others who use the same band. It can be a fantastic motivator.

Sensoria offers socks that have sensors that tell you how far, how fast and also how well you ran. They have shirts and sports bras that will communicate to a heart rate monitor. No more having to wear a strap around your chest to monitor heart rate.

And what about a device the size of a band aid that you can wear 24×7 to provide feedback daily such heart rate, body temperature, exercise load. With this data you can train in the correct exertion zone and also be alerted if you are over training which can prevent sickness and or injury.


The road

Where is all this going? I believe that we are on the cusp of technology being integrated into fitness for everyone. Devices and the tech behind them are getting smaller and smaller and this is being done with what we understand about tech and with our current technology architecture if you will. Some people believe we are close to harnessing the functionality of quantum computing which will be the equivalent of moving from horse and buggy to a formula 1 race car. Also we have seen over the last 10 years more and more use of nano technology. I think we are not far from being able to swallow a tracking device that will communicate our performance and vitals to a wearable device.



Some people may see this as a bad thing, or unnecessary. I guess it depends. If you are training to make gains be it strength and size, or improving cardio fitness, how will you know how you did if you haven’t measured your performance or body feedback? To take something I heard today, “working out is not rocket science”, but it is science especially if you want results and aren’t happy doing something that may hinder your results or slow down the process of getting these results.

How many people stop training due to over training at the beginning? What if those people had the technology to alert them when they hit the level that brought them out of the target area they should have been training? Would they have continued? Maybe.

How about using peer pressure and competition to keep motivated? These devices can give you that.


Do you need this technology to train? No. Do you need this technology to train smart? I believe so. Think of that red zone on your tachometer in your car. You stay away from that red zone, hopefully, because going into it is not good for the engine. Then why do we let our body go into the red zone.

If you are interested in some of the technology I have listed, decide what it is you want to monitor, or what features you are looking for and see what’s available that meets those needs.

Think of it as a small investment in your health and well-being. Believe me, you are worth it.

Yours in health,



Author: darryl bennett

A certified Canfitpro personal trainer specialist, and a Yondan (4th Degree) black belt in Shorin Ryu Shorin Kan karate, training at Ferraro Karate under Sensei Stephen Ferraro. Also holding a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition from ECornell University. Fitness and health have been a big part of my life, and always will be.

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