perspective is relative

The journey is about to begin

My last post talked about a goal I have set for this upcoming year, 2019. I’ve committed myself to this goal be it a good idea or a bad idea but I feel it’s time. It’s time I’ve challenged myself because without challenging yourself you don’t grow, you become stagnant, and that’s not good.

And I love a challenge. Years ago I went through basic training and spent 3 years in the military. During that time I volunteered and completed the ships diver course, an intensive physical course that has a drop out rate of 60%. I went back to school in my mid twenties to get  a degree in computer science, not an easy thing to do going back to school as a mature student. Took up running, running long distances but never in an official event. Started training in Karate and received my black belt in under 5 years. Went back to school sort of to become a certified personal trainer. Recently started my course on plant based nutrition from Cornell University. And now I’ve signed up for a marathon at the end of April, my first ‘official’ marathon.


I’ve been asking myself that question. It wasn’t a compulsive decision, sort of. Because of my roll at the dojo, teaching all ages and being in a somewhat of an influential position, be it that I bring this on myself or because it’s been bestowed onto me, I am a believer that if you talk the talk you need to walk the walk.

I don’t bring up my position on eating a whole foods plant based diet when I am teaching unless I’m asked for nutrition advice, or it somehow comes up otherwise for numerous reasons. But, I’ve been feeling that I’m not a good role model in this regard. I want to be that person that when someone comments that a whole foods plant based diet is incomplete, that you can’t perform at your best, that you ‘need meat’ I’ll prove them wrong. I’ll show them what can be done eating nothing but plants. But I need a point of reference.

But I’m not doing this for me. This isn’t to stroke my ego, not a fan of ribbons, this is to help people become more than they are, to become the best they can be. I can’t do that right now because for too long I’ve neglected the physical side of my training.


I’ve completed all of my physical accomplishments before following a vegan lifestyle. At this point I have no reference for comparison. But that is about to change.15 weeks of training and than time to run 26 miles fueled exclusively from plants.

It’s going to be tough, it’s going to suck. I’m not going to lie and paint this as a walk in the park. I’m heavier than I should be,  too much heavier. Too much beer and potato chips have added the pounds to my frame. But I’ll do it. I have to.

I want to do something that can make a positive change in this world. I want to be leading the 5 mile run on May 4th for our next group of future black belts. I can’t influence everyone but if I can show a few people what eating only plants can do than maybe they’ll see through all the lies perpetuated by the media and society, that we can’t survive without killing animals and consuming them. I know this. More will find out. I’m going to draw a picture the size of a mountain.

Yours in health,


Check back here frequently for updates on my progress. This just might become a mini story.

There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker

or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.

I think it’s time.

I first set out to do this back in 2013. I had planned to run a marathon later that year, October in fact. Then, I broke my foot. The break happened the Thursday of Easter weekend. How do I remember that? I remember because I had all of Friday to ice it. I didn’t know it was broken. I iced it through Friday and the weekend thinking it was only heavily bruised. Then Monday still having a large amount of bruising I thought it’d be best to go to the hospital. So I did and I was told of the break. I left the hospital with a removable cast. Did it stop me? Honestly, no. I still trained at the dojo with the cast, going through a couple. Saturday’s work outs were brutally hard being given ‘alternative’ exercises. When I wasn’t at the dojo I would go to the rec centre to get in some laps in the pool. I had to work hard. I was grading for my Nidan (2nd dan black belt) this year and I knew what I was in for.

So I had to do what had to be done to get ready. Didn’t bother me though. I actually kind of loved it. Never really felt like I had to drag my ass up to do these things. It’s just what I had to do and I was going to do it.

I graded and it went well. I went to Okinawa and graded again, and again it went well. But I never did run that marathon. I trained hard that year. A couple times running more than 23 miles at a time, almost a marathon, but not and it really doesn’t count unless there’s a ribbon, right? But I never did the marathon. I think breaking my foot scared me. It made me nervous about a future injury as this was my first break ever.

I haven’t been that Darryl for a while now. And I don’t know why, I really don’t. I can blame work. Work has been consuming a lot of my time, especially the last 2 and a half years. I’ve been teaching a lot more too, but I should be making up that lost time some other way. But right now I’m not the best role model for physical health, I’m not. But that’s changing. I’m going to become the lesson.

I mentioned that I have enrolled in Cornell University’s plant based nutrition certification course, right? I’ve already completed my first segment. So I’m really getting more serious about proper nutrition. I can talk the talk and soon will back it up with proper credentials.

But I want to walk the walk. I want to be that guy. Yeah, I want to be ‘that guy’ but in a good way. I want to the one that people look to and say ‘he’s a machine’ and then they will be even more amazed when they realize that I am doing incredible things AND EATING ONLY PLANTS! NO MEAT, DAIRY, EGGS, FISH.

Then ask the 5 year vegan where he gets his protein. Burpee challenge? I’m in and I’ll kick your ass.

I’m going to be that person who breaks the stereotypes.

Fragile and weak? Nope! No one will be able to tell me that a whole foods plant based diet, for me a vegan life, lacks what we need to be awesome!


I’m gonna prove it. Watch me.



I’m gonna change this world