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Who doesn’t like to hear the justification of their bad habits? Who doesn’t like hearing that something they do that is generally considered a bad thing to do for their health is now ok? Everybody likes to hear positive news about something they are doing that has come into question is ok to do, and not just ok but so ok that you can keep doing it. On the heels of the digital release of the first commercial movie to look at the performance side of eating a whole foods plant based diet, ‘The Game Changers‘, comes a study concluding that there is no harm in eating red meat. In fact is says red meat is healthy.

meat is healthy?

Where do I start? I believe the meat/dairy/animal agriculture industry is at the same stage years ago the tobacco industry was at. Sowing seeds of doubt. When the tobacco industry started to lose money as studies started to show the dangers of smoking the industry started to fund studies to sew the seeds of doubt that smoking is dangerous to your health.

“Doubt is our product since it is the best means of competing with the “body of fact” that exists in the mind of the general public. It is also the means of establishing a controversy.”

I’m seeing the same thing now. Butter is back, carbs are bad and fat is good, and so on. Industry funded studies to keep people guessing. The animal agriculture industry is scared. It’s losing market share and losing money. More people are ditching dairy and more people are switching to meat alternatives such as Beyond Meat and Impossible Burger. Bristol England’s oldest pub has just launched a plant based menu and it’s selling out!

But their strategy is also working. People don’t have the time and they don’t want to make the time. Most people don’t have an issue with eating animals and animal products. We have become so disassociated with how our food comes to the table that people don’t even think about it. And most people don’t care to question it. They look at it that they are doing nothing different than what their mom/dad/grandma/grandpa did. And when people hear about the new study that what they are doing is healthy it helps to cement their beliefs and helps them to double down when that vegan brings up health issues due to eating animals.

eat your veggies

So back to the study. I’m sure you heard about it, right? Did you also hear that it got slammed by experts in the health field? Professor Walter Willet, a professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and lead author of the EAT-Lancet Commission which advocates a plant based diet for both environmental sustainability and health had this to say:

“This report has layers of flaws and is the most egregious abuse of evidence that I have ever seen.

The World Cancer Research Fund does not accept the study’s new interpretation of the evidence either.

Here’s another look at the study from Dr Giota Mitrou, Director of Research Funding and Science External Relations: “It could be putting people at risk by suggesting they can eat as much red and processed meat as they like without increasing their risk of cancer.”

It has since been discovered that lead researcher Bradley C. Johnston, who disclosed that during the past three years he didn’t have any ‘conflicts of interest’ to report.

Here’s what the New York Times was able to dig up:

“as recently as December 2016, Dr. Johnston was the senior author on a study which was paid for by food industry giant International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI), who are ‘largely supported’ by companies such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Mars, and Cargill – one of North America’s biggest beef processors.”

But you didn’t hear any of this, did you. You wouldn’t because it will never make the media. You have to look for this information and it can be a lot of work, too much work for most people. Sewing the seeds of doubt.


Will things change? Will the animal agriculture business fade away as more reports on the health issues, climate issues associated with the industry make it’s way to the mainstream media? I don’t know. We may be at the very beginning of change and who knows how long the change will take.

If you find doubt creeping into your mind, use common sense, use logic. Look at the blue zones, areas in the world that are predominantly plant based and the longest living. Then look at the standard western diet areas, the areas with the highest disease rates.

Yours in health,





don’t settle for anything less

We have a lot of misconceptions in our life. A lot of misinformation, myths, preconceived ways of thinking about how things should be. I think this comes from life experience through others and also we basically are not educated correctly when it comes to health.

Let’s look at our joints. As you get older, into your mid to late thirties and beyond I think most people believe that joint pain is the norm. Sometimes we believe this is due to the life we have chosen to live, sometimes a hard life but I think most of us feel that it is just a normal progression of getting older. We see our parents getting older and complain of aches and pains in their joints and they chalk it up to ‘life’. Most of us feel that as we get older naturally we become limited to what we can do because our body doesn’t work the way it used to and that is just the way it is.

Does our body change as we get older? Absolutely. We know that as an example the body produces less testosterone as we age. This could be due to evolution. For millions of years we didn’t live to the age we commonly live to today, in fact, we were lucky to see the age of 30. So if our life of being hunter/gatherers ended at 30 why would the body continue to produce higher levels of testosterone? We become less flexible as tendons become harder. Generally, we age. But what does that mean?

How we age is very much a variable, not a constant in the sense that we age based on the environment we have chosen to live in. By this I mean if we live a life of hard-drinking, excessive drug use, poor eating choices than our cells become damaged, and may even mutate causing disease. And when we damage our cells our aging is more drastic. And I think it’s a fair statement that most people don’t realize the impact the food we choose to eat greatly impacts how we age.


Injuries aside, I’d like to look at how we can control how our joints age. Please keep in mind as you read this that I am not discounting the impact an injury to a joint has. Recovery from a physical injury depending on the severity can take a long time and may never heal depending on when this injury happened in our life.

Let’s look at the relationship between blood flow and joint health. Why does blood flow throughout our body? Bringing oxygen, nutrients to the muscles, joints, etc. and taking away the waste. If our flow of blood is reduced than less oxygen/nutrients going to our joints.  In fact, there is a procedure called microfracture where doctors drill small holes into the leg bones to increase the flow of blood in the hopes of regrowing knee cartilage.

So if clogged arteries can result in heart disease than clogged arteries that supply blood to joints probably impact the health of those joints. It makes sense then that as we get older (and our arteries get more and more clogged) are joints tend to bother us more.

Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune disease in which the body’s immune system mistakenly attacks the joints. There is research that points to animal protein being the cause of this and also studies showing that bacteria in milk and beef linked to rheumatoid arthritis.  And the inflammation from this arthritis has been shown to increase the clogging of arteries. Wow, that’s a vicious circle.


So what can you do? Nothing, right? Can’t escape aging! No, you can’t but you can change the impact it has on you. Studies have shown that changing to a whole foods plant based diet can greatly impact how our joints age. A  clinical study done by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyne was able to show that reversing clogged arteries is possible by switching to a whole foods plant based diet. So if changing your diet can reverse artery clogging and result in increased blood flow to our joints, brain, muscles, etc. than maybe living with joint pain is not a predetermined destiny.

And while I’m writing about food, let’s touch on bone broth. Don’t do it. Don’t. Eating bone broth to address joint pain is really no different than people eating animal penisis to address erectile disfunction, or to increase sexual performance. In fact, eating a whole foods plant based diet will address this issue. What else do arteries feed blood to? Yep, you got it, the penis. So that manly steak you are eating will actually make you perform less like a man in the bedroom so to speak. Another myth broken.

Eating bone broth, or taking collagen supplements is not going to do you any good. There is no absorption of peptides longer than 4 amino acids. In human cartiledge there is over 600 amino acids comprising peptides. So it’s just another way of making money off of people thinking that eating the equivalent of what is injured in the body will help in repairing it.


Another reason to change to a whole foods plant based diet. More and more reasons every day. Getting older doesn’t have to mean ‘getting old’. Many plant based athletes are proving this today. Endurance athletes in their 50’s and 60’s still competing and winning!

If you are having joint pain issues, arthritis, or want to make the world a better place by reducing your impact on climate change, your impact on animal suffering then make the change to a whole foods plant based diet.

Do it. Do it now. One person CAN make a difference.

Yours in health,