laser focused forward

if you could see 3 months ahead.

January 14th. Two weeks into the new year. Two weeks of a new lifestyle. Two weeks of eating better and two weeks of training. Time for a motivation check.

We are at that point in time where the numbers fall off at the gym. We are at that point where people will throw in the towel and that new year’s resolution that they were so excited about 14 days ago just isn’t as important anymore.

Different things influence the decision to abandon the positive change people made. It’s easy to fall back into the comfortable groove of not doing these things. Let’s look at some of those things and what can be done to keep the motivation alive and basically not quit on yourself.

  • Change not coming quick enough – Call it lack of education or getting the wrong information. If you have been eating properly, cut out a lot of the junk you used to eat, and working out intensely then you should see a change in your body. A small one but clothes should fit better, a little looser. You won’t see huge changes yet. That takes a little more time. Just like you probably didn’t gain 20, 30, 40lbs in two weeks or a month, you won’t lose the unwanted weight that quickly. That’s good though because if you loose weight too quickly more than likely you will gain it back. The reason being quick weight loss is normally due to someone taking extreme measures, doing things that are not sustainable. Moderate changes to your lifestyle and manageable changes are more likely to be followed months from now and become part of your life instead of being there only temporary. A good number to use is 2. 2lbs per week is a good rate to lose weight. So if you have 20lbs to lose, give yourself 10 weeks. But think about it. I know when December came around last year I could not believe it was December. Where did the time go? That’s why it beneficial to do something manageable, something you enjoy. You are more likely to stick with it and more likely to succeed.
  • Motivation – Are you losing motivation? You look out the window and it’s as cold as it’s ever been, and there’s snow everywhere and you tell yourself ‘screw it, I’ll work out tomorrow’. When this happens go to those pictures you took of yourself, you know the ones, the ones you hate because you aren’t happy with your body. Look at those and tell yourself you are doing something about it. Go to your journal that tracks your daily progress and look at what you have done only 2 weeks in! Know that another 2 weeks you will have done more, accomplished more! Did you sign up for an event? If there is a competition, a 10k run, an amateur fitness competition, etc. coming up sign up for it. Having a goal like this helps you to stay motivated. It brings you out of your space and kind of brings to spotlight onto yourself. It makes you accountable to others which can be a great motivator.
  • People – I really believe you are somewhat the product of the people you hang around with, somewhat. We are influenced by many things in our life. If you hang with negative people, unmotivated people, you know the ones, the glass is always half empty, then you are more likely to struggle at this because you don’t have the support you need and you don’t have anyone else doing this, right? They aren’t the ones trying to better themselves. I know those people and I avoid them when I can. They can bring you down and I think that’s what they do to feel good about themselves. Those people don’t like to have the ones around them succeed. When someone around them succeeds it reminds them how much of a failure they are, in their minds. If you associate with people that are trying to better themselves it kind of rubs off onto you. Positive energy can be very infectious. Don’t hang around people that want to drag you down, hang around those that want you to rise, those who will support you and enable you to succeed in your endeavors.

Lastly, what fears do you have if you don’t succeed? Do you have family members or friends that have suffered in their health due to being over weight, and not eating healthy? Fear is a good motivator. It may sound morbid but if you can’t find the motivation from the above points, watch some video’s on the affects of living an unhealthy life style. I parent of a former student of mine had a heart attack and I was talking with him a few months after and he told me that he is on medication of the rest of his live to keep his heart rate from going above a certain level. This medication made him gain about 50lbs. I could tell it really bothered him and he was very unhappy. This was someone who went though life doing the things that harm the body; not eating correctly, not exercising enough, living the typical North American life. It caught up with him and his life changed forever.

Fear is a great motivator. If watching YouTube video’s showing the affect of heart disease scares you, or watching testimonials from obese people, or knowing that if you continue your life style you may one day have that heart attack and be on meds for the rest of your life scares you than let it scare you. Let it motivate you. If those things ever happen there’s no going back. There’s no reversing the clock. There’s no redo.

Stay motivated, stay strong. You owe it to yourself.

Yours in health,