What will you do

If it helps, why not?

See ya 2016! Another year done. How was 2016 for you as a year? Did you set goals, and did you achieve them? If you did congratulate yourself. That’s a huge achievement.

Some of us don’t need a ‘new year’ to set goals or to finally start going to the gym; start watching what we eat; be more active. If you don’t, great. But the new year can be a great way to kick off a good new habit, or be the marker, the motivator to get back into action no matter what the goal.

Use it. Use the new year to make that promise to yourself that you will be more active, that you will run that marathon, that you will pay greater attention to what you eat.

Motivation can be hard to come by for many reasons. But just as the new year can be a way to kick of a life style change, try to plan, try to layout what it is you are going to do in detail. It’s taking it to the next level. Instead of saying ‘this new year I’m going to lose 20lbs’, add to this that you are going to lose 2 lbs the first week and detail how it is you are going to do that. Plan how many days of the week you are going to work out, and what those days are. Plan out what your strategy is when you can’t work out that planned day because that’s going to happen. Have a plan of what it is you are going to do when you do work out. This saves time and makes your time more effective by not standing around wondering what to do next. Do this for each week you are trying to achieve your goal.

A lot of people get pumped up for change at the beginning of the year but if you don’t plan out the details this can end up being a short lived change. If you can, plan out the whole year. Why not, right? You are making a life style change, not some lose weight quick scheme, or get fit quick scheme. This isn’t the first article of mine you have read so I know you understand the importance of making a change like this sustainable. Plan out the year. Put it into your calendar. Plan each day of that week, month, and so on. Measure what it is you are trying to achieve. This helps for those times you aren’t motivated. When you get those times you are down and just can’t get off of the couch you can pull up your calendar and see the improvements made. Not only that but you see the path be it a 4 week path, 8 week path or whatever. You can look back and see that you have changed your body to what it is you want it to be. You have shaped the clay.

A new year is just around the corner. Make sure what you want to do is reasonable, achievable. Write down what you want to do. Make short term goals out of this. Detail out what you need to do to achieve this. Reward yourself when you achieve these short term goals. Don’t stress. Set backs will happen and plan for them happening. Having a plan to address set backs will make them less defeating and can actually be used for motivation.

Do those things. Do it. No one else will do them for you. Do them when you don’t want to, when you can’t get your ass off of the couch or out of bed. Do them for you. And after you do it the guilt will be gone.

Yours in health,